Tourist Walk

Tourist Walk is a project started by me and my brothers in December 2010. We film live performances of songs and try to tie them into the location in which we're recording. We started in our hometown of Warrenpoint. Since then, we've filmed in the Donegal Ghaeltacht, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Belfast, Derry, Ghent and Dublin.

These days, we aim roughly to write an original song about the place we're playing in, an arrangement of a song local to the place, and interpret a cover by an artist local to the place. And since Belfast (May 2012), we've started producing a short behind-the-scenes film in the form of a 'Walkumentary'.

Along the way, we've benefited up the talent of our fellow Walkers. There's the tireless boys from Mutiny Filmhouse. There's the spectacular photography of award-winning Aideen McFadden. And many, many moreWe've received funding awards from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, and 'The Ghent Walkumentary' was commissioned in 2013 by Flemish production company, Arendsoog.

Next on the list is #touristwalklondon (October 2014). Stay tuned for more...

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